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When Coming to the Ranch

When you arrive at the ranch, you will be greeted by the therapy team and shown to the cabin where we will begin the session.  After some introductions, the therapist will get some basic background information.  During this time, you and the therapy team will set goals for your time together.  After the goals are set, we will begin to meet the herd so you can choose the equine partner with whom you will build a relationship.  Once you have chosen your equine partner, we will bring them to a round pen where you can begin working together.

Individual/Family/Couples Counseling:

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) is an experiential form of therapy that involves working with horses to address issues resulting from the effects of trauma.  Horses respond honestly and without judgment, allowing clients to experience immediate and helpful feedback about their relational patterns.  Horses provide opportunities to practice assertive communication, set boundaries, make requests, learn emotional regulation skills, and build trust and confidence in a mutual partnership.  All of the skills used to build relationship with the horse are transferable outside the round pen to human relationships.

Couples/Family Retreats:

Come spend a restful, refreshing weekend in our peaceful ranch setting to repair or celebrate your bond with your partner.  We have an Airbnb option on the property or you can stay offsite if you prefer.  The weekend will offer a combination of structured activities with horses as well as time for relaxation and rest.

Team Building:

We offer team building sessions in both a half and full day format, providing opportunities for connection and growth for groups such as corporations, military units, therapy offices etc.  These sessions provide powerful opportunities to uncover and address work place stressors, improve communication, promote greater unity and understanding, and encourage commitment to common goals in a relaxed, fun atmosphere.  Even people with a fear of horses or little to no horse experience report positive outcomes after attending our team building sessions.

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